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Welcome to the Organic Impression DEMO WebSite !

Welcome to your TiNiBiZ CMS Test Site! This is an example PHP website, just to give you an idea of how TiNiBiZ CMS can work. Of course, it can be used to power websites much, much bigger than this. Otismo Web Design is ready to work with you in customizing your own TiNiBiZ CMS website. This WebSite has been Customized by Otismo Web Design with the Organic Impression CSS Template created by Designs By Darren. Meanwhile, please feel free to play with this installation and use your imagination! Cut and Paste Your OWN Content right over all this stuff !
Think of how Great your content will look in this Fantastic Stylish Designer Templated WebSite !

Login to the TBAdmin "Control Panel" BackEnd !

The first thing to do is to click on the "TBAdmin" link in the footer on the lower right, and Login to TiNiBiZ CMS Admin - this is your "Back End Console" or "Control Panel", where you will personally Take Control over both the Content and the Look and Feel of Your Own WebSite. The username is username and the password is password - unless you have edited tinibizcms.php and changed the Default Configuration Settings. Your Front Page (index.php), is bound to look much better than this after you edit index.php and put all your creativity to work - Have Fun !

TiNiBiZ Content Management Systems - Tini CMSs

Here at TiNiBiZ we are CMS Pros.
"We like to keep things short and sweet and simple."
Instead of non-functional bloatware, we'll help you select a CMS for your Website
that will be the BEST possible fit, and will not give YOU the fits !
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About TiNiBiZ CMS

TiNiBiZ LogoTiNiBiZ CMS is one of the Internet Businesses in the TiNiBiZ Portfolio of Internet Businesses; specializing in Content Management Systems and things necessarily related to them. Content Management Systems, or CMSs, are designed to deal with the details of modern, dynamically interactive websites, right in the current moment. The idea is to thusly empower users, leaving them free to focus most of their time on managing their WebSite Content , as well as the OnLine Communities that tend to develop around carefully managed content that is also Presented Very Well.

The idea also involves Freeing Up the Time of the highly paid staff in the Information Technology Department so that they can properly be dealing with Mission Critical Enterprise I.T. Issues like they used to before they ended up spending most of thier time maintaining and updating static web pages, reflecting the hunger of the marketplace for Real Time Dynamically Updated Content. Content is King in Today's Modern OnLine Internet Environment.

TiNiBiZ CMS can implement, for its clients, an Internet Presence ranging from the tiniest (and highly effective) blogs, forums, and bulletin boards right on through medium sized online shops, stores, and commercial endeavors all the way up to the very large scale enterprise level. We will be most happy to take you on a Guided Tour of the Possibilities; please feel free to contact us regarding your interest.

TiNiBiZ is a Portal or Gateway to an amazing array of small businesses, many of which are sure to be of interest to you, so feel free to browse away and shop - till - ya - drop!

A lot of these are internet or web related, some are computer or programming related; of course, we have the most comprehensive Ebook Online Library, and there is even an online resale shop in the works!

TiNiBiZ is also a kind of incubator for other, tini, businesses. Soon, you will be able to see our standing offer on Ebay. We are hoping that it will be irresistable to most people, so check it out! We will always be an interesting situation to follow; please feel free to do so and learn more about our huge - er - TINI plans for spreading our web all over the internet.

You can contact TiNiBiZ via the contact page if you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts about TiNiBiZ CMS or any of the other tini projects.

TiNiBiZ CMS - Tini CMSs "Smaller is Better"

Get the Full Story. Instead of non-functional bloatware, we will help you select a CMS for your Website that will be the BEST possible fit, and
will not give YOU the fits !
"We like to keep things short and sweet and simple."

TiNiBiZ Web Address Shortening - Tini URLs

Here at TiNiBiZ we do Web Address Shortening - Correctly:
"We make things Easy to Remember
Because things are so
easy to forget !"
Instead of an auto-generated batch of goo, we will help you select a memorable address -
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TiNiBiZ Custom Internet Addresses - Tini ADDYs

Here at TiNiBiZ we also do Custom Internet Email and Web Addresses !
TiNiBiZ is only one of MANY
Custom Internet Solutions available !
There are many you can choose from. We are a Designer Email and Web Address Boutique -
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Ported to this Beautiful Template
Created By Darren Hester !

For a limited time only, until we get our standing offer up on Ebay, TiNiBiZ CMS is offering this great website to the public for FREE !
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